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asian chicken cole slaw


a delicious and simple slaw using east asian flavors. note: for variation, add the juice of 1 lime.


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  1. To prepare slaw
  2. Combine the first 7 ingredients in a large bowl
  3. To prepare dressing
  4. Combine cider vinegar and next 6 ingredients in a small bowl
  5. Stir and pour dresssing over the slaw: toss to coat
  6. Cover and chill 1 hour
  7. Sprinkle with slivered almonds and sesame seeds before serving

Step 5

Total Time in Minute 25

Ingredients Count 16

cooking asian chicken cole slaw

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Cooked chicken breasts


Sugar snap pea

Red bell pepper



Sliced water chestnuts

Cider vinegar

Rice wine vinegar



Low sodium soy sauce

Garlic powder

Fresh ground black pepper

Slivered almonds

Sesame seeds

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