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artichoke and tuna panini with garbanzo bean spread


i saw this on the cooking channel. looked yummy.


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  1. To make the garbanzo bean spread: combine all the ingredients in a food processor
  2. Pulse until the mixture is smooth
  3. Transfer to a small bowl and set aside
  4. To make the panini: combine the black olives
  5. Olive oil
  6. Salt
  7. Pepper
  8. Tuna
  9. And artichokes in a bowl
  10. Lay out the sliced baguettes
  11. Spread the garbanzo bean spread on both halves of the baguettes
  12. Spoon the tuna mixture over the bean spread
  13. Top with the arugula and close the sandwich
  14. Wrap 1 end of the sandwich in parchment paper to make it easier to eat
  15. Place the sandwiches on a platter and serve

Step 10

Total Time in Minute 20

Ingredients Count 13

cooking artichoke and tuna panini with garbanzo bean spread

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Garbanzo beans


Of fresh mint

Lemon zest

Lemon juice

Olive oil


Black pepper

Pitted black olives

Tuna in olive oil

Artichoke hearts



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