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dijion vinegar herb chicken


yummy dinner! this is easy enough to serve any time, but to serve to guests... they'll think you slaved over that oven! this recipe is from albertson's quick fixin' ideas. the recipe also suggest you serve the chicken over white rice and with a side item of asparagus. i put 2-6 chicken breasts in the recipe, just the more chicken you have, the less sauce. but i have found the sauce to go a long way.


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  1. Lightly sprinkle chicken breasts with tarragon leaves
  2. Rosemary leaves
  3. And black pepper
  4. In large skillet
  5. Over medium heat saute chicken in margarine for 4-7 minutes on each side
  6. Or until done
  7. Remove from skillet and keep warm
  8. In same skillet
  9. Over medium heat add vinegar
  10. 1 3 / 4 c water
  11. Chicken bouillon
  12. And sugar
  13. Heat to a boil and then simmer until sauce is reduced by 1 / 3
  14. Stir in mustard
  15. Blend cornstarch into remaining 2 t water and stir into skillet
  16. Heat until mixture thickens and begins to boil
  17. Serve sauce over chicken

Step 9

Total Time in Minute 35

Ingredients Count 11

cooking dijion vinegar   herb chicken

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Dried tarragon leaves


Ground black pepper

Boneless skinless chicken breasts


Balsamic vinegar

Chicken bouillon



Dijon mustard


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