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diet key lime cheesecake


cook time is chill time. using a crust will more than double your calories, fat, and sugar.


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  1. Heat water in microwave
  2. Stir jello into water and set aside
  3. In a mixing bowl
  4. Blend splenda
  5. Cream cheese
  6. And heavy cream until completely mixed
  7. Add lime juice and dissolved jello and mix well
  8. Pour into empty pie pan and chill 4 hours
  9. Alternately
  10. Pour right into parfait glasses
  11. This is nice with whipped cream

Step 7

Total Time in Minute 260

Ingredients Count 7

cooking diet key lime cheesecake

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Sugar-free lime gelatin


Fat free cream cheese

Splenda sugar substitute

Lime juice concentrate


Graham cracker crust

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