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diet crepe


this is thicker than a regular crepe, but still an amazingly delicious substitute. suitable for low carb or just about any diet.


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  1. Mix everything together
  2. "it will have lumps in it
  3. Try and get them out
  4. But if you cannot
  5. Thats okay"
  6. Heat a fry pan on medium high
  7. And add some cooking spray
  8. Pour all the batter into the pan
  9. Leave it for a few seconds
  10. Then swirl it around slowly to make it nice and flat and round
  11. Cook on one side until it is completely dry on top
  12. Then flip over
  13. This is much more tender than a regular crepe
  14. So be careful
  15. It should be a bit brown on the bottom
  16. Cook on the other side until it is satisfactorily brown
  17. Serve with fruit or jam

Step 9

Total Time in Minute 6

Ingredients Count 5

cooking diet crepe

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Fat free egg substitute



Artificial sweetener


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