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dian s volcano hot red currant jalapeno jelly


i made this recipe a few days ago when my red currants where ripe. it seems i can never get my jelly hot enough but this time i hit it right. this is not for the faint at heart. this jelly packs a kick. it is great over cream cheese with crackers. it is fabulous on wild meat. try basting it on roast duck or goose. if you like your jelly less hot, seed your jalapenos before you put them in the food processer. this jelly works with wild high bush cranberrys as well.


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  1. First read the instructions for preparing jars & lids
  2. And hot water bath processing found in the certo instructions for cooked jam & jelly
  3. And prepare accordingly
  4. Cut the top off the pouch of pectin and set it upright in a glass for easy use
  5. Cut the stems off of the jalapenos and process in your food processer until pulverized into tiny bits
  6. Measure 1 cup and add water if necessary to make 1 cup
  7. In a large 8 quart stockpot add: 1 cup chopped jalapenos
  8. 3 cups red currant juice & sugar
  9. Add butter
  10. Bring mixture to a full rolling boil
  11. Stirring constantly
  12. "a boil that cant be stirred down"
  13. Stir in the pectin
  14. Stirring constantly
  15. Return to a full boil for exactly 1 minute
  16. Ladle into prepared jars within 1 / 8 inch of the tops
  17. Wipe the rims with a damp cloth
  18. Cover with 2 piece lids & screw down tightly
  19. Process according to altitude chart in certo instructions
  20. "check for seals and refrigerate and jars that dont seal"
  21. Enjoy

Step 16

Total Time in Minute 23

Ingredients Count 5

cooking dian s volcano hot red currant   jalapeno jelly

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Fresh jalapenos

Currant juice

Granulated sugar


Liquid pectin

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