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diablo sandwich


sandwich ordered by buford t. justice in smokey and the bandit, best served with dr. pepper. my family loves this easy recipe, it is best if simmered for at least an hour and served on a toasted bun.


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  1. Combine all ingredients except lettuce and sour cream in a pan for 15 minutes to an hour
  2. The longer the better
  3. Lay out lettuce on bottom of toasted buns
  4. Scoop out even amounts of meat mixture onto buns
  5. Follow with a dollop of sour cream
  6. Best served with fries and dr
  7. Pepper

Step 4

Total Time in Minute 35

Ingredients Count 7

cooking diablo sandwich

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Lean ground beef

Taco seasoning mix

Whole kernel corn

Diced tomato


Sour cream


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