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diabetic white chocolate banana pudding


i found this while searching for recipes to use up half a bag of white chocolate chips i had on hand. i wanted something a little special that was company worthy, but simple enough to do for any old time. this surely did fit the bill on all the criteria need to be filled and you'll never guess where i found it...food network's behind the bash! yes, i know..shocked the devil out of me too! who know fancy food could be oh so easy! i did modify it to make it a more diabetic friendly dish. keep in mind it's still very sweet and the carbs and fat need to be accounted in your diet. white chocolate chips are pretty much pure sugar. this recipe should be used for ultra special occasions. don't forget about the sugar in bananas too. like i said, this is a special occasion kinda dish. enjoy it, but keep in mind your dietary needs and limits.


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  1. Make as much as you need and store the extra in the fridge in a covered dish
  2. Also
  3. If you are on a very strict diabetic diet
  4. Use only 1 / 2 of the chips
  5. Mix the pudding mix
  6. Milk
  7. And sweetened condensed milk and blend well
  8. Fold in the whipped topping
  9. Bananas
  10. And white chocolate chips
  11. Refrigerate overnight
  12. Serve in individual serving cups
  13. Garnish with white chocolate chips and vanilla wafers

Step 7

Total Time in Minute 730

Ingredients Count 7

cooking diabetic white chocolate banana pudding

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Sugar-free instant vanilla pudding mix

Skim milk

Sugar-free sweetened condensed milk

Whipped topping


White chocolate chips

Vanilla wafer cookie

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