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diabetic cranberry layer salad


one of the gals at the doctor's office(and a reader of my article) sent this to me to try and share with other readers. she said her family really loves this and her granddaughter gets a kick out of trying to figure out how she got the "middle" in it. cook time is chill time.


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  1. Mix cranberries and 1 cup hot water together in a blender and puree until smooth
  2. Dissolve jello in the cup of boiling water
  3. Stir the jello and pecans into the cranberries
  4. Pour half into an 8x8-inch pan
  5. Chill in the freezer until firm
  6. About 30 minutes
  7. Remove pan and spread with sour cream
  8. Cover with remaining jello
  9. Chill until firm in refrigerator

Step 8

Total Time in Minute 135

Ingredients Count 5

cooking diabetic cranberry layer salad

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Sugar-free raspberry gelatin

Hot water

Whole berry cranberry sauce


Sour cream

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