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dia uno dos tres or three day tacos


i found this recipe in sunset many years ago, submitted by someone from tucson. i have many thousands of recipes on file, but this must rank in my top ten favorites. my warmest thanks, mystery tucson person!! (i've always chuckled over the "25" olives, but it's in the original recipe as such.) the filling works in chimichangas, enchiladas, taco shells or flour tortillas. store it in the freezer for instant summer meals or for drop in guests. (in emergencies, i've been known to cheat and make the recipe in only two days, but i always count the olives!)


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  1. Day one
  2. Uno
  3. Mix chili powder
  4. Garlic
  5. Lime juice
  6. 3 t
  7. Oil
  8. Cumin in large bowl to form a paste
  9. Add beef cubes and mix until coated
  10. Refrigerate in a zip bag for 24 hours
  11. Mixing it around when you think of it
  12. Day two
  13. Dos
  14. In dutch oven
  15. Combine marinated beef with canned tomatoes
  16. Broth and beer
  17. Preheat oven to 350
  18. Bring meat mixture to a boil over high heat on range top
  19. Place in oven
  20. Covered
  21. And bake 45 minutes
  22. Uncover and continue baking until beef is tender
  23. About another 45 minutes
  24. Cool
  25. Shred beef and return it to cooking liquid
  26. Cover and refrigerate overnight
  27. Day three
  28. Tres
  29. Heat 3 t
  30. Olive oil in heavy large skillet over medium heat and saute onion and jalapenos
  31. Strain beef cooking liquid into skillet and bring to a boil
  32. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered until sauce is reduced to 1 / 2 cup
  33. Stirring occasionally
  34. About 50 minutes
  35. Mix in beef and add frozen corn
  36. Olives and pimento
  37. Heat through
  38. Add salt & pepper and / or hot sauce to taste and serve with any desired taco garnishes freeze in meal size portions if desired
  39. Makes enough for 20 tacos
  40. Muy bueno !

Step 22

Total Time in Minute 4440

Ingredients Count 20

cooking dia uno  dos  tres or three day tacos

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Chili powder

Garlic cloves

Fresh lime juice

Olive oil

Ground cumin


Crushed tomatoes in puree

Beef broth

Dark beer


Fresh jalapenos

Frozen corn

Pimento stuffed olives




Green onion


Sour cream

Hot sauce

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