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dhal curry with meat gosht dhal


since one of the themes on zaar this month is comfort food i thought i would submit this. this is my ultimate comfort food. this is a dhal curry which is made with meat. serve with rice, salads, sambals, indian pickes and crispy spicy fried potatoes. mmmmmhhh. note: it can be made with red meat or chicken, if using chicken please remove the skin. use the oil dhal type that you will find in most indian spice shop preferably. if you cannot find it then use gram(chana) dhal or red lentils. but will not be the same as when using oil dhal. the second list of ingredients are the tempering spices used.


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  1. Rinse dhal and lentils in some lukewarm water
  2. Soak overnight if you have the time otherwise not necessary
  3. Pour in to large saucepan cover with water
  4. 1 tsp each of the salt and tumeric
  5. Boil like you would do for beans until soft and mushy
  6. In a separate saucepan
  7. Saute onions
  8. Cinnamon stick and cumin seeds in oil till a pale gold colour
  9. Add meat and the spices
  10. Stir a few times without adding water
  11. Gently cooking the spices
  12. By adding water you dont give the spices a chance to cook
  13. And then you will have a tasteless curry remember this with all indian food
  14. When it starts sticking to the pot add the tomotoe and about half a cup of water
  15. Simmer slowly till well blended and the water has dried up
  16. Liquidise the dhals and add to pot and some water to the consistency you would like the dhal about a cup of water should be enough
  17. Bring to boil and then simmer slowly till dhal is well blended in
  18. About half an hour
  19. Adding water if becoming to thick
  20. When done
  21. Make your tempering
  22. Heat your ghee in a pan add onion
  23. Cumin and mustard seeds and garlic cloves
  24. And fry till nice golden brown
  25. Add to pot of dhal and close lid tightly
  26. Just before serving add your chopped cilantro and your gharam malasa
  27. (in indian cooking gharam masala is always added just before serving as it is a pepping up spice
  28. Stir and serve with white rice / roti etc

Step 18

Total Time in Minute 150

Ingredients Count 20

cooking dhal curry with meat  gosht dhal

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Brown lentils


Turmeric powder

Ginger-garlic paste

Coriander powder


Chili powder




Cinnamon stick

Whole cumin seed

Cilantro leaf


Onion rings

Mustard seeds

Garlic cloves

Garam masala

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