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devilish sloppy chicken mini sammies sandwiches rachael ray


this rachael ray recipe is a weekday standby, and a huge hit at my house. it works just as well made with ground beef, and just about any spicy mustard works (my favorite is chipotle, but habanero mustard is good, too). if you're watching calories, skip the rolls, and serve it over lightly sauteed strips of red bell pepper, or green beans.


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  1. Heat the oven as directed on package of bake-off rolls
  2. Arrange the rolls on a nonstick cookie sheet and sprinkle the rolls with about 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
  3. 1 / 3 palmfull
  4. Bake rolls until golden and soft and remove
  5. While rolls cook
  6. Heat a deep nonstick skillet over medium-high heat
  7. Add vegetable oil then melt butter into the oil and add chicken
  8. Crumble and brown meat 3 to 4 minutes then add in the garlic and onions
  9. Add 1 tablespoon smoked paprika and 2 tablespoons of grill seasoning to the chicken
  10. Continue to cook over medium-high heat
  11. Mix hot sauce
  12. Tomato sauce
  13. Worcestershire
  14. Brown sugar
  15. Mustard in a small bowl then stir into the meat and reduce heat to low
  16. Stir in about 1 / 2 cup of water to keep the mix loose as it simmers
  17. Simmer gently 10 minutes
  18. Split rolls and scoop chicken into them and serve

Step 12

Total Time in Minute 25

Ingredients Count 14

cooking devilish sloppy chicken mini sammies sandwiches   rachael ray

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Dinner rolls

Smoked paprika

Vegetable oil


Ground chicken

Garlic cloves


Mccormick grill seasoning

Hot sauce

Tomato sauce

Worcestershire sauce

Brown sugar

Spicy brown mustard


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