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chocolate cherry trifle dessert


i made this recipe up my self. i love chocolate cherries at christmas time. this is kind of like the black forest desserts.


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  1. Make pudding with the milk
  2. Let chill a few hours
  3. Cut up the chocolate pound cake and put half in a medium to large pretty glass bowl
  4. Mix cherries and flavoring
  5. After pudding has thickened
  6. Layer 1 / 2 the cherries over the cake in the bowl
  7. Cover that with half of pudding
  8. Cover that with half the whipped cream
  9. Repeat layers
  10. You may need more whipped cream to cover the whole bowl if you are more generous with the whipped cream
  11. To step up the chocolate a notch you could use a package of mini chocolate chips to make one more layer on top of the whipped cream
  12. For decoration
  13. Chill for about a half hour or so
  14. Then serve
  15. Doubled with everything but the cake
  16. This overfilled a 9x13 pan
  17. To estimate size
  18. Cooking includes chill time

Step 13

Total Time in Minute 200

Ingredients Count 6

cooking chocolate cherry trifle dessert

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Cherry pie filling

Chocolate pudding

Cool whip

Chocolate pound cake

Almond flavoring


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