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chocolate cherry cafe glace


the hole-in-the-wall coffee place near my childhood home of n'awlins used to serve cafe glace, which is essentially just a big cup of hot, sweetened coffee, with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. and it's indescribably wonderful. but you just can't have that kind of sugar load every day. if you keep the cherry puree premade, you can have this one every morning. made, but not submitted, for rsc 12.


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  1. Pit the cherries
  2. And place in the blender with splenda
  3. And a little water or juice as needed
  4. Puree smooth
  5. You may need more or less splenda
  6. Depending on the sweetness of your cherries
  7. This will keep tightly lidded for several days
  8. Mix coffee
  9. Chocolate syrup
  10. And 1 to 2 tbsp of cherry puree in a big
  11. Wide mug
  12. Top with a the ice cream
  13. And give it a few moments to start to melt before drinking
  14. Enjoy !

Step 6

Total Time in Minute 5

Ingredients Count 5

cooking chocolate cherry cafe glace

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Fresh cherries

Splenda sugar substitute

Brewed coffee

Sugar-free chocolate syrup

Sugar-free vanilla ice cream

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