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chocolate cheesecake cupcakes


wonderful and moist cupcakes.


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  1. Line or grease muffin tins
  2. Cream together egg
  3. Cheese
  4. 1 / 3 cup sugar and salt
  5. Add chocolate chips
  6. In mixing bowl
  7. Combine flour
  8. 1 cup sugar
  9. Cocoa
  10. Baking soda
  11. And 1 / 2 tsp salt
  12. Add water
  13. Oil
  14. Vinegar and vanilla
  15. Mix well
  16. Fill muffin tin 1 / 3rd full with batter mixture
  17. Drop large spoonful of cheese mixture on top of batter
  18. Bake at 350f for 20-25 minutes

Step 9

Total Time in Minute 40

Ingredients Count 12

cooking chocolate cheesecake cupcakes

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Cream cheese




Chocolate chips

All-purpose flour


Baking soda


Salad oil



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