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chocolate cheese trifle


chocolate cake with a creamy cheese filling and lots of fruit. great for pot luck,picnics.use whatever fruit is in season.


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  1. Pour 1 / 2 cup buttershots on cooled cake layers set aside
  2. Cheese filling-
  3. In a food processor blend ricotta cheese with metal blade till creamy
  4. Add chips
  5. 1 / 4 cup buttershots
  6. Pudding and sugar blend till throughly mixed in
  7. Mix the fruit together gently except for 8 strawberries
  8. I layered this in a tupperware cake carrier
  9. Using the top as the base
  10. But you can use a pretty trifle dish
  11. Start with 1 layer cake broken and placed on bottom of dish
  12. The cake won`t fill in completely
  13. Scoop 1 / 3 of the cheese mixture onto cake
  14. Layer 1 / 2 of the fruit mixture
  15. Repeat-
  16. Second layer of broken cake and 1 / 3 cream then 1 / 2 of the fruit
  17. Top with third layer of broken cake the last of the cream and place the strawberries in a sun pattern on top in 8 rows
  18. Brush with jam
  19. Chill cake for 2-24 hours

Step 17

Total Time in Minute 50

Ingredients Count 15

cooking chocolate cheese trifle

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"devils food cake mix"


Vegetable oil


Butterscotch schnapps

Ricotta cheese

Vanilla instant pudding mix

Powdered sugar

Butterscotch chips






Cherry jam

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