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chocolate cashew truffle bars recipe



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  • Carbohydrates: 131.9
  • Fats: 14.0
  • Dietary Fiber: 31.0
  • Minerals: 1.0
  • Proteins: 4.0
  • Vitamins: 26.0
  • Water: 4.0


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees f
  2. Line a 9-by-13-inch cake pan with nonstick foil
  3. Set aside
  4. Bottom brownie layer:
  5. Whisk in the chopped unsweetened chocolate
  6. Stirring until smooth
  7. Beat in sugar until combined
  8. Add eggs
  9. One at a time
  10. Beating on medium speed with an electric mixer until well-mixed
  11. Mix in flour and vanilla
  12. Fold in cashews and mini chocolate chips
  13. Pour batter into prepared pan
  14. Bake 25 minutes
  15. Do not overbake
  16. Cool on a rack to room temperature before adding the topping
  17. Truffle topping:
  18. Pour 1 / 2 inch of water in the bottom section of a double-boiler and bring to a simmer
  19. Place chopped dark or semi-sweet chocolate in the top section of the double-boiler and place on top of simmering water
  20. Remove from heat and stir chocolate until melted and smooth
  21. Set top bowl of chocolate aside
  22. Empty water from bottom section
  23. Add heavy whipping cream and corn syrup
  24. Bring slowly to a boil
  25. Mixing to combine
  26. Pour cream mixture into melted chocolate
  27. Whisking until smooth
  28. This is the ganache
  29. Let the ganache cool 5 to 7 minutes until it thickens to a custard consistency
  30. Whisk in softened butter
  31. Let cool completely to room temperature
  32. Then briskly whisk the ganache until it lightens in color
  33. Lift brownies from the pan using the foil
  34. Peel down the sides
  35. Cut the brownies into 1-inch squares and separate the squares about 1 / 4-inch apart
  36. Mix white chocolate chips and cashews together
  37. In a hand chopper or food processor
  38. Chop until pieces are no more than 1 / 4-inch in size
  39. Pour chocolate ganache evenly over cut brownies so that it drips down the sides in between each square
  40. Sprinkle with chopped white chocolate and cashews
  41. Let rest at room temperature until chocolate ganache sets up
  42. Store chocolate cashew truffle bars in a covered container to keep them from drying out
  43. Serve these truffle squares at room temperature for best flavor and texture
  44. Yield: about 72 squar

Step 36

Total Time in Minute 65

Ingredients Count 12

cooking chocolate cashew truffle bars recipe

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Unsalted butter

Unsweetened chocolate



All-purpose flour



Mini chocolate chip

Dark chocolate

Whipping cream

Light corn syrup

White chocolate chips

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