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chocolate brownie mousse



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  • Carbohydrates: 832.0
  • Fats: 134.0
  • Dietary Fiber: 4.0
  • Minerals: 2.0
  • Proteins: 32.0
  • Vitamins: 271.0
  • Water: 11.0


  1. Scatter the brownies into serving bowl
  2. Put the chocolate and half the cream in a fireproof bowl and place over a pan of simmering water stirring occasionally until melted
  3. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly
  4. Whip the remaining cream into soft peaks and fold into the chocolate mixture a little at a time
  5. Pour the mousse over the brownies
  6. Ready to eat now or can be put into fridge to firm up fo up to 2 hours
  7. Can be topped with grated white chocolate or add cherries and a dash of kirsch for a black forrest taste

Step 7

Total Time in Minute 20

Ingredients Count 3

cooking chocolate brownie mousse

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