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chocolate biscuit cake


i begged this recipe from the caterers of a company i used to work for many years ago. they were based in ealing, west london but i have long since forgotten their names. i have changed a lot of the recipe and it is now pretty darn near perfect. very rich! tastes amazing though. it is very good served with coffee or as a desert with creme fraiche, fresh raspberries and raspberry coulis etc.


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  1. Crush the biscuits in a large bowl
  2. They should be of varying sizes
  3. Very fine to rough
  4. Beat the egg in a bowl
  5. Line a 9 inch sandwich tin with cling-film
  6. This will help you remove the cake from the tin with no effort
  7. Melt the butter and sugar until the sugar is melted and the mixture looks vaguely fudge like
  8. Remove from the heat
  9. Add the sultanas and mix well
  10. Add the cocoa and mix well
  11. Add the egg and mix well
  12. Put the mixture back onto a low-medium heat and stir for 1-2 minutes
  13. Remove from the heat and add to the digestives
  14. Mix this very well so that all of the digestives are covered in chocolate
  15. Press the mixture into the cake tin and leave to set in the fridge for about two hours !
  16. Variations: any dried fruit could be used
  17. A teensy amount of chili
  18. Rum etc would be nice
  19. Varying the amount of cocoa makes it more / less rich
  20. Other types of biscuits also work but digestives are the best

Step 17

Total Time in Minute 140

Ingredients Count 6

cooking chocolate biscuit cake

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Unsalted butter

Demerara sugar

Digestive biscuits

Cocoa powder



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