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chocolate berry parfait 120 calories per serving


these only look and taste sinfully gorgeous. but they're super health boosts full of protein and the top antioxidant. whee! get creative with more combinations. creativity's such a blast.


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  1. Arrange fruits in dessert cups
  2. Heat fruit mixture 40 seconds in microwave
  3. Stir artificial sweetener & 1 tsp jello powder into the yogurt
  4. Spoon yogurt onto fruits
  5. Top all with fudge sauce
  6. Emphasis on non-alkalinized cocoa
  7. Because alkalinization destroys the antioxidants
  8. "hersheys is good
  9. The little brown box in baking aisles"
  10. "trader joes cocoa is also very good"

Step 8

Total Time in Minute 8

Ingredients Count 7

cooking chocolate berry parfait  120 calories per serving

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Sugar-free non-fat vanilla yogurt

Artificial sweetener

Orange jelly powder

Fudge sauce

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