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chilli prawns


the fresh chilli adds a delcious spicy flavour to the prawns. this is a recipe from the old family cookbook, an suggests to serv on a bed of spaghetti, but rice is just as good.


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  1. Combine the tomato sauce with the sherry and sugar
  2. Heat the oil in a wok over medium heat
  3. Add the chilli
  4. Garlic and ginger
  5. Stir in the shallots and tomato mixture
  6. Simmer fo 2-3 minutes
  7. Stirring occasionally
  8. Add the prawns and simmer until just cooked
  9. Serve on a bed of spaghetti
  10. Garnished with chopped parsley

Step 6

Total Time in Minute 25

Ingredients Count 10

cooking chilli prawns

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Tomato sauce

Sherry wine




Garlic cloves





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