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chilli jam beef stir fry


this is fast becoming my favourite mid-week dish. it's just so simple. as a variation replace the beef with 6 chicken thigh fillets (into strips) and garnish with 1/4 cup chopped roasted unsalted peanuts, fresh coriander leaves and a squeeze of lime. reference: donny hay, the instant cook. australian measurements used.


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  1. Place first 6 ingredients into a food processor and process until finely chopped
  2. Over medium-high
  3. Heat a non-stick frying pan then add the chilli paste
  4. Cook for 5-7 minutes
  5. Stirring
  6. Until the mix is thick and fragrant
  7. Depending on the water content of the ingredients this may take even longer
  8. Now add the beef and cook for 3 more minutes
  9. Stirring the whole time
  10. Add the scallions and beans
  11. Cover
  12. Cook for another 3 minutes
  13. Or until beef & vegetables are tender
  14. Serve with steamed rice

Step 9

Total Time in Minute 18

Ingredients Count 9

cooking chilli jam beef stir fry

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Red chilies



Shrimp paste

Brown sugar

Vegetable oil



Green beans

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