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chilled shrimp bisque



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  • Carbohydrates: 120.1
  • Fats: 8.0
  • Dietary Fiber: 3.0
  • Minerals: 23.0
  • Proteins: 6.0
  • Vitamins: 12.0
  • Water: 1.0


  1. In a 3 qt saucepan
  2. Melt margarine over med-high heat
  3. Stir in onion + celery & cook till onion is tender
  4. Stir in bouillon granules + paprika & mix well
  5. Add fish stock
  6. Milk
  7. Salt & bay leaf
  8. Reduce heat to low & simmer 15 minute
  9. Add half-and-half & bring soup back to a slightly rolling boil
  10. Dissolve cornstarch in 1 tbsp water or fish stock & stir into the soup
  11. Cook till thickened
  12. Stirring constantly
  13. Remove from heat
  14. Stir in shrimp
  15. Sherry
  16. Lemon juice + hot pepper sauce to taste pref & allow to cool
  17. Cover
  18. Refrigerate overnite & serve soup chilled as needed
  19. Additionally
  20. I see this soup garnished w / freshly snipped chives + 2-3 whole baby shrimp to add color & a finishing touch
  21. If available for you
  22. Use it in place of the bouillon granules which i listed in its place

Step 13

Total Time in Minute 40

Ingredients Count 15

cooking chilled shrimp bisque

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Instant bouillon granules


Fish stock



Bay leaf



Baby shrimp

Dry sherry

Lemon juice

Hot pepper sauce

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