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chilled cafe latte



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  • Carbohydrates: 371.4
  • Fats: 15.0
  • Dietary Fiber: 250.0
  • Minerals: 6.0
  • Proteins: 18.0
  • Vitamins: 31.0
  • Water: 20.0


  1. In blender container
  2. Combine condensed milk and vanilla
  3. Blend well
  4. Add coffee and gradually add ice
  5. Blending until smooth
  6. Serve immediately
  7. Top with whipped cream
  8. If desired

Step 5

Total Time in Minute 5

Ingredients Count 5

cooking chilled cafe latte

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Dark roast coffee

Sweetened condensed milk

Vanilla extract

Ice cubes

Whipped cream

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