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chili s honey lime dressing by todd wilbur

cooking chili s honey lime dressing by todd wilbur

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Grey poupon dijon mustard



Sesame oil

Apple cider vinegar

Lime juice

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amaretto sauce

this sauce is so yummy!! it was originally a topping for bread pudding(check out my recipe for that too!) but this is too delicious to hide in another recipe. i use it to top so many thing but my favorite is for ice cream! i also usually double the recipe amaretto sauce

asparagus bean and feta salad

mix this salad up with your hands so the beans don't get destroyed! asparagus  bean  and feta salad

aubergine eggplant and broccoli laksa

here's a soup to clear your sinuses and fill your belly, not to mention all the healthy veggies. aubergine  eggplant  and broccoli laksa

baked bean curry

this is a variation of a baked bean curry my mother used to make for the family. i think it was as a quick substitute for the normal curries she used to make and till this day remains a firm favourite for me. ive added a few ingredients, these are the baked bean curry

baked pears with raisins

a nifty little baked pears recipe that i've come up with. great at night to satisfy a sweet tooth or to end a meal. baked pears with raisins

banana oat breakfast bars

a quick and delicious breakfast bar. i make these for my daughter and husband to get them fed and out the door quick in the morning. i have made these with a variety of combinations of dried fruits. you can also try diced carrots or parsnips in place o banana oat breakfast bars

basil parmesan pasta salad

a nice change of pace basil parmesan pasta salad

blueberry upside down ginger cake

this cake is from the luscious berry desserts cookbook by lori longbotham. blueberry upside down ginger cake

brazilian beef and tomatoes

you can plate this dish over egg noodles or rice if you wish. i prefer it in a bowl with warm corn tortillas which i use as scoops. brazilian beef and tomatoes

brings back memories tuna casserole

my sister used to make this all the time, but had to lie to me about the cream of mushroom soup because when i was little i thought i didn't like mushrooms! she would tell me it was cream of chicken soup (which you can substitute if you wish). i loved thi brings back memories tuna casserole

butter pecan turtle cookies

this is a yummy bar cookie recipe that my mom gave to me. butter pecan turtle cookies

buttercream mints

these are very decadent, but quite good and easy. i wouldn't eat them very often if i were dieting. the amount varies, as you can cut them to whatever size you like. when i made them they came out to about 60 pieces, so i'll use that number. buttercream mints

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