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amba a spicy and savory mango condiment


although this is posted in response to a recipe request, i'm also posting this for myself, since it really is time i started making this yummy, spicy sauce. i normally do not like mangoes, but i do like amba, espcially drizzled on my felafel. this recipe comes from one of my hebrew cookbooks, matanot mehamitbach (gifts from the kitchen) by gil hovav, one of israel's foremost foodies, translation courtesy of me ;-) just beware, if you injest even average quantities of this stuff, the fenugreek will add a certain je n'ai c'est quoi to your body odor. fenugreek is good for you, but not in every way... cooking time is also sunning time.


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  1. Wash the mangoes well and cut them up into slices the size of your pinky finger
  2. Salt well and place the slices into a large jar
  3. Close the jar and place it in a sunny spot for 4 to 5 days to release all the liquid in the fruit
  4. At the end of this time the mangoes should be a very light
  5. Yellow color
  6. Drain
  7. Saving the liquid
  8. Allow the mango slices to dry
  9. Preferably in the sun
  10. For 3 to 4 hours
  11. Heat the 2 tablespoons of corn oil in a pot
  12. And add all the ingredients up to the garlic
  13. Cook and constantly stir for a few seconds
  14. Until the spices begin to pop and make tiny explosive noises
  15. Boil the mango liquid and add this to the heated spice mixture
  16. Add the mango and the chopped garlic
  17. Stir
  18. And continue cooking for 5 minutes on a low flame
  19. Make sure the mixture does not dry out too much
  20. Remove from the flame and let cool completely
  21. Divide the mixture among 4 one-cup jars
  22. Cover with the corn oil and seal
  23. Amba is delicious with felafel
  24. Meat
  25. Fish
  26. And even mixed into rice dishes
  27. The amba will keep for at least six months

Step 17

Total Time in Minute 7230

Ingredients Count 10

cooking amba  a spicy and savory mango condiment

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Green mangoes


Corn oil

Mustard seeds

Cumin seed

Dried red pepper

Ground fenugreek

Hot paprika



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