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need a pick me up banana peanut butter smoothie no


i love coffee but i have come to accept the fact that coffee just does not love me back (headaches, upset stomach, etc.) sooo, this is the recipe i reach for when i need a healthy pick-me-up in the morning. it is peanut buttery, and slightly chocolatey. enjoy.


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  1. Cut banana into chunks
  2. Combine 1 / 3 banana chunks and milk and use hand blender or regular blender to mix well
  3. I use a hand blender and blend in a hard plastic cup
  4. Slowly add rest of banana and blend
  5. Add peanut butter
  6. Blend well
  7. Add cocoa powder and push powder underneath liquid so as to not splatter when turning on blender
  8. Blend well
  9. Enjoy !

Step 9

Total Time in Minute 10

Ingredients Count 4

cooking need a pick me up  banana peanut butter smoothie  no

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Creamy peanut butter

Unsweetened cocoa powder

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