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zurie s tomato and cream cheese tart


i'd like to dedicate this recipe to molly53. when i could not find a tomato tart or pie on zaar with cream cheese as a basis, she went to the trouble of converting a recipe and posting it for me in rr, which is really going to a lot of trouble! thank you, molly53!! this is not that tart, but in the end i put this together, and my severest critic, my husband, said the tart was fine. at the time of my request in rr i had lots of small plum tomatoes which in the heat became too overripe for salad but i could not bear to throw them out. i had a large chunk left of my favourite pastry, recipe #197151, which had to be used, but i confess that i don't know how much i used for this pie.... the amount given is a guess. the taste is clean; i did not want to use mayo. prep time does not include making the pastry.


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  1. Heat oven to 420 deg f / 210 deg c
  2. Line a smallish oven dish with pastry
  3. Rolled out thinly
  4. I used a rectangular dish
  5. If you prefer
  6. Beat an extra egg and paint the pastry with egg
  7. For a golden colour after baking
  8. Keep pastry cold at all times
  9. So put into fridge while you continue
  10. In a bowl
  11. Mix together everything except the small tomatoes
  12. My cream cheese was very firm and cold still
  13. So i used an electric beater for quite a while to get the mixture to be smooth
  14. Although fresh basil is plentiful
  15. I felt that dried basil stood up better to oven heat than fresh basil
  16. Take the pastry-lined dish from fridge
  17. And spoon in the cream cheese mixture
  18. Top neatly with the small tomatoes
  19. And sprinkle over the 1 / 2 teaspoon sugar
  20. Bake in preheated oven for about 40 - 45 minutes
  21. Until some tomatoes start colouring
  22. Then wrinkle
  23. And the cream cheese base puffs up
  24. It will sink again as it cools
  25. Lovely side dish with fried chicken pieces

Step 13

Total Time in Minute 60

Ingredients Count 13

cooking zurie s tomato and cream cheese tart

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Pastry dough

Cream cheese


Green onions

Black pepper

Hot pepper

Dried basil

Ground nutmeg


Fresh cream


Plum tomatoes


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