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zurie s overnight no knead bread


Sharing a demonstration of how to make no-knead artisan bread from your own kitchen using a preferment and cast-iron dutch oven.


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  1. "since first making this bread according to the original instructions
  2. Ive simplified the process"
  3. I have now bought a fairly deep plastic bowl with sloping edges
  4. So it has a smallish bottom
  5. The plastic seems almost -- not quite -- non-stick
  6. And this is the method i use now:
  7. In such a lightly greased plastic bowl
  8. Put the flour
  9. And add the yeast
  10. Sugar and salt
  11. You may want to add less salt
  12. But we found the original amount not enough
  13. Mix through
  14. Add the water and stir the lot through until well mixed to a nice
  15. Smooth
  16. Quite sloppy dough
  17. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and put a kitchen terry towel or two over the top as well
  18. Stand in a draught-free place for 18 hours
  19. For me it works best to mix this up at 3pm
  20. "this means the dough is ready at 9am the next morning and i dont even have to get up early like my grandmother did to bake those huge farm loaves in the old days"
  21. "after 18 hours the dough should be puffy and have little bubble holes on top and have more or less doubled in size
  22. But dont worry too much about that"
  23. Instead of -- as the original recipe said -- turning out the dough on to a towel
  24. Do the following: from the sides of the bowl
  25. Scrape the dough away with light movements and fold it over on itself with floury fingers
  26. Turn the bowl round and round
  27. Flattening the dough by repeating this "folding over"
  28. Lightly press a little flatter
  29. Cover bowl with same plastic used before
  30. And same terry towels
  31. Leave to rise again -- 2 hours long
  32. Half an hour before the 2 hours are up
  33. Put your oven on 450 deg f / 220 deg celsius
  34. At the same time you need a heavy pot with a fitting lid
  35. And this will go into the cold
  36. Heating-up oven
  37. Empty
  38. The lid is to keep in the steam and cause that wonderful crust to form
  39. Nothing beats an iron pot
  40. Le creuset will do too
  41. And ceramic has been mentioned
  42. I use a non-stick oval-shaped iron pot with a domed lid
  43. You do not need a "6 - 8 quart pot"

Step 82

Total Time in Minute 70

Ingredients Count 5

cooking zurie s overnight no knead bread

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White bread flour

Instant yeast




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Sharing a demonstration of how to make no-knead artisan bread from your own kitchen using a preferment and cast-iron dutch oven. .

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