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zurie s holey rustic olive and cheddar bread


this is based on a french recipe but i changed it substantially. be warned that this "bread" has a consistency unlike any you've seen! it's actually delicious ... it can be eaten as it, without butter. it'll be great with wine and cheeses or on a platter with cold meats and other savory items. it's great with fried fish, or simply a mixed-greens salad. next time i'll probably add walnuts in chunky bits as well. easy and quick. i give both metric and american weights and measures.


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  1. Grease a bread tin very well with butter
  2. Mine have slightly sloping sides and measure
  3. On the bottom
  4. 3 1 / 4 x 7 1 / 2"
  5. And is about 2 " deep
  6. Heat oven to 350 deg f / 180 deg c
  7. Or slightly less if you have a convection oven
  8. Drain the olives and pat dry with kitchen paper
  9. Slice all of them into rounds
  10. Grate the cheese on the large holes of your cheese grater
  11. Weigh
  12. And keep
  13. Put the flour into a bowl
  14. Break in the eggs
  15. And whisk with electric beater
  16. The eggs and flour will form small clumps
  17. Add the baking powder
  18. White wine
  19. Olive oil and creme fraiche to the flour-and-egg mixture
  20. Whisk or beat until batter is smooth
  21. Fold in the sliced olives and the cheese
  22. Folding in well
  23. "add the black pepper
  24. And strew over a pinch of salt if you like
  25. Although its not strictly necessary due to the salty olives and the cheese"
  26. Scrape the cake-like batter into the greased tin and smooth the top
  27. Bake for 55 - 60 minutes
  28. Best is to test with a skewer
  29. Which should come out clean when bread is done
  30. Turn out and cool on a rack

Step 16

Total Time in Minute 80

Ingredients Count 10

cooking zurie s holey rustic olive and cheddar bread

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Green olives

Cheddar cheese

All-purpose flour


Baking powder

Dry white wine

Olive oil

Creme fraiche

Black pepper

Sea salt

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