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zuchinni kielbasa and shrimp dish


this dish was given to me from a co-worker last year. i make it often. it's easy, fast and delicious. you can serve it over rice, fettucine or all by itself in a bowl. it's great to cook on your grill in a large chicken fryer (stainless steel of course) or on top of your stove. you must give this a try. real comfort food. great for a football game!


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  1. Prepare: vegetables
  2. Shrimp before hand and set aside
  3. In a large frying pan heat oil and start cooking the kielbasa till almost done
  4. Add vegetables
  5. Cook till almost tender
  6. Add corn
  7. Shrimp and tomato sauce and bits
  8. Cover and saute till kielbasa is done
  9. Add spices especially the red pepper flakes
  10. Stirring frequently to mix all ingredients so the flavors mix well
  11. After all is tender and done
  12. You can serve over rice
  13. Noodles
  14. Or eat it just like it is
  15. This meal is great on the grill too
  16. You can add a hint of smoke if you like
  17. Add kosher salt and pepper
  18. Enjoy !

Step 12

Total Time in Minute 60

Ingredients Count 18

cooking zuchinni  kielbasa and shrimp dish

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Olive oil


Yellow squash

Red peppers

Yellow peppers

Green peppers


Frozen corn


Tomato sauce




Red pepper flakes




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