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zucchini stuffed chicken breast


the skin of this chicken makes a natural pocket to hold the stuffing mixture in. this is a great recipe for a dinner party, quite easy to make, and very delicious.


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  1. Set oven to 375 degrees f
  2. Butter a 13 x 9-inch baking pan
  3. In a skillet
  4. Melt butter
  5. Saute onion
  6. Parsley and basil until onion is tender
  7. Add garlic zucchini and cook 2 minutes longer
  8. Remove from the heat
  9. Stir in bread crumbs
  10. Egg
  11. Cheese salt and pepper
  12. Carefully loosen the skin if chicken on one side to form a pocket
  13. Stuff each chicken breast with the zucchini mixture then place in a greased dish
  14. Bake for 35-45 minutes or until chicken is cooked through

Step 10

Total Time in Minute 70

Ingredients Count 11

cooking zucchini stuffed chicken breast

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Garlic cloves

Fresh parsley

Dried basil




Swiss cheese

Salt & fresh ground pepper

Chicken breast halves

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