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zucchini roni pizza



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  • Carbohydrates: 196.9
  • Fats: 19.0
  • Dietary Fiber: 14.0
  • Minerals: 14.0
  • Proteins: 29.0
  • Vitamins: 31.0
  • Water: 2.0


  1. Preheat oven to 400
  2. Place peppers in a food processor and pulse-grind into a paste
  3. Spread thinly over pizza crust
  4. Top with thin layer of cheese
  5. Place thinly sliced zucchini discs in a small bowl and combine with remaining ingredients
  6. Toss discs well to evenly coat with seasonings and let marinate
  7. The zucchini discs will have a flavor similar to pepperoni
  8. Arrange zucchini around the pizza
  9. Do not overlap them
  10. Bake direcly on the oven rack or on a preheated pizza pan for 10 minutes
  11. To roast red peppers: preheat broiler
  12. Halve peppers and take out seeds
  13. Place on a cookie sheet
  14. Skin side up
  15. Broil until skins are black
  16. Leave door ajar while peppers roast to let steam escape
  17. Place blackened peppers in a paper bag and close tightly
  18. Let stand 10 minutes or until cool enough to handle
  19. Peel off skins
  20. Can be roasted on a grill - but leave whole instead
  21. 1 serving=2 slices
  22. Can be used as a carb craver for lawl

Step 20

Total Time in Minute 25

Ingredients Count 8

cooking zucchini roni pizza

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Red peppers

Lowfat mozzarella cheese


Garlic cloves

Crushed red pepper flakes

Dried italian seasoning

Olive oil

Pizza crust

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