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zucchini mushroom walnut and blue cheese salad


a very light salad as a side dish. a pleasant variation from the various tomato salads, and another way to make use of the ever-present zucchinis! (baby marrows to us).


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  1. Heat your oven grill to high
  2. Put the cleaned mushrooms cap side down on an oven tin
  3. Sprinkle seasoning salt and garlic into each mushroom hollow
  4. And add 1 / 2 - 1 teaspoon virgin olive oil to each cap
  5. Grill about 5 minutes
  6. Or until mushrooms just start shrinking
  7. They should only be parcooked
  8. Not cooked through and shrunk
  9. Remove from oven
  10. Carefully
  11. To save the juices which have formed in the hollows of the caps
  12. While mushrooms grill
  13. Cut the zucchini into thin strips with a potato peeler or mandolin
  14. Make a bed of arugula or other lettuce in the bottom of a salad bowl
  15. Slice the mushrooms and put in another bowl with the juices which have formed
  16. This is important !
  17. Add the zucchini slices
  18. Spring onions
  19. Walnuts and blue cheese
  20. Season with black pepper
  21. Add the lime juice
  22. And toss
  23. Taste the "dressing" -- you might want more lime or lemon juice for a tang
  24. Add to the bed of arugula or lettuce
  25. More salt might be needed: that depends on taste
  26. You might want to add more blue cheese: i did not measure and merely crumbled in a large chunk
  27. You could use more zucchini too
  28. If you like

Step 17

Total Time in Minute 20

Ingredients Count 11

cooking zucchini  mushroom  walnut and blue cheese salad

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Seasoning salt

Garlic clove

Olive oil


Spring onion


Blue cheese


Black pepper

Lime juice

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