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zucchini stuffed pork chops mustard sauce


this is my mother's recipe, and it's a good one! i've added a few things like the sesame seeds, but otherwise, i've copied it. it looks long, but this comes together very quickly! if you don't want to use the heavy cream, try it with sour cream, or lite sour cream.


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  1. Toss the zucchini and salt well in a colander and let it drain for about 30 minutes
  2. Squeeze the zucchini dry
  3. "in a large non-stick skillet heat 3 tbsp of the oil and cook the garlic and the zuchini over a fairly low heat
  4. Stirring until its just tender"
  5. Stir in the parmesan and let cool
  6. Cut a deep pocket in each chop and stuff with the zucchini
  7. Heat the remaining oil in another large non-stick skillet over medium high heat until it is hot but not smoking
  8. Pat the chops dry with a paper towel
  9. And coat them in the sesame seeds
  10. Press the seeds in -- and saute
  11. Turning them once
  12. Til they are firm to the touch
  13. Keep warm on a platter in the oven
  14. Meanwhile
  15. Make the mustard sauce: in the oil remaining in the skillet that you cooked the pork chops in
  16. Saute the onion over medium high heat until it is soft
  17. About 2 minutes
  18. Add the wine and de-glaze the pan
  19. Whisk in the cream
  20. Add the mustard
  21. The parmesan cheese
  22. And any juice that may have accumulated on the platter
  23. And stir to combine
  24. Add salt and pepper to your liking
  25. I spoon it over the chops or you could serve them on top of a pool of sauce
  26. Goes very well with spinach btw !

Step 16

Total Time in Minute 45

Ingredients Count 11

cooking zucchini stuffed pork chops   mustard sauce

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Extra virgin olive oil

Parmesan cheese

Pork chops

Toasted sesame seeds


Dry white wine

Heavy cream

Dijon mustard

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