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zucchini spice muffins


from robin hood home baking cookbook. these freeze well and are great to pop into school lunches. an equal amount of peeled, grated apple can be substituted for the zucchini.


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  1. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with paper liners
  2. Preheat oven to 400f
  3. Combine flour
  4. Oats
  5. Brown sugar
  6. Cinnamon and nutmeg in a mixing bowl
  7. Using two knives
  8. A pastry blender
  9. Stand mixture or your fingers
  10. Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs
  11. Set aside 1 / 2 cup of this mixture for topping
  12. Stir in baking powder and salt into remaining mixture
  13. Beat eggs
  14. Milk and zucchini in a small bowl
  15. Add to dry ingredients all at once
  16. Stirring just until moistened
  17. Spoon batter into prepared muffin pan
  18. Sprinkle topping evenly over batter
  19. Pat down gently
  20. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until tops spring back when lightly touched

Step 12

Total Time in Minute 35

Ingredients Count 11

cooking zucchini spice muffins

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Quick-cooking oatmeal

Brown sugar

Baking powder








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