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zucchini shirataki pancakes



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  • Carbohydrates: 115.3
  • Fats: 1.0
  • Dietary Fiber: 10.0
  • Minerals: 12.0
  • Proteins: 11.0
  • Vitamins: 1.0
  • Water: 6.0


  1. Rinse noodles very well and cut into 2 to 3 inch pieces
  2. For the pancake mix you can either use premade commerical mixes or your favorite homemade mix
  3. Heat a large pan sprayed well with vegetable cooking spray over med high heat
  4. Place the noodles in the pan and cook for several minutes
  5. I used cast iron for this
  6. Now stir in green onions
  7. Mushrooms and zucchini and continue to cook until mix is hot and zucchini and mushrooms are partially done
  8. Reduce heat to med if needed to prevent burning
  9. Next
  10. Combine eggbeaters
  11. Pancake mix and mrs
  12. Dash and pepper in a bowl
  13. Then add the noodle mix and mix well
  14. If done properly all you need to do is spray the skillet you already heated with more cooking spray
  15. Over medium heat
  16. Scoop 1 / 3 cup of the mixture onto the skillet
  17. Cook until underside is golden
  18. Then flip and cook the other side
  19. To find out if it is golden
  20. Lift gently with a spatula
  21. Continue until all the batter is gone
  22. Respray the skillet between pancakes when needed
  23. Heat and then add the next pancake
  24. Using the 1 / 3 cup it makes 15 4-inch pancakes
  25. Large amounts makes less pancake
  26. Be aware the nutritional value on the side is not correct because it is not calculating for tofu noodles
  27. Also i used a no fat pancake mix in mine and it worked fine

Step 21

Total Time in Minute 20

Ingredients Count 10

cooking zucchini shirataki pancakes

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Tofu shirataki noodles

Egg whites

Pancake mix

Mrs. dash seasoning mix

Fresh ground pepper



Fresh mushrooms


Nonfat plain yogurt

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