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zucchini raisin spice cake


long-standing family favorite. i prefer mine made with chopped dates. food processor makes it so easy. adapted from the pleasures of your food processor by norene gilletz.


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  1. Best if prepared with food processor:
  2. Process dry ingredients about 10 seconds to blend
  3. Empty into a large mixing bowl
  4. Process nuts until chopped
  5. About 6 seconds
  6. Empty into a small bowl
  7. Using grater: grate unpeeled zucchini
  8. Using medium pressure
  9. Empty into a measuring cup and measure loosely packed
  10. Steel knife: process eggs with sugar for 1 minute
  11. Do not insert pusher in feed tube
  12. While machine running
  13. Add oil and vanilla through tube
  14. Process about 45 seconds
  15. Add zucchini and process 8-10 seconds
  16. Remove cover and add dry ingredients
  17. Process 3 or 4 quick bursts
  18. Just until flour disappears
  19. Sprinkle nuts and raisins over batter
  20. Give 1 0r 2 more quick bursts
  21. Pour batter into greased and floured 9" by 13" baking pan
  22. Or 12-cup bundt pan
  23. Bake at 350 degrees for 55 to 60 minutes
  24. Or until cake tests done
  25. Cool 15 minutes before removing from pan
  26. "can be iced or glazed when cool
  27. But its great just plain"
  28. Keeps very well in fridge and freezes well
  29. You can add zucchini mixture to dry ingredients in mixing bowl
  30. Mix with wooden spoon until blended then add nuts and raisins
  31. Or dates

Step 22

Total Time in Minute 75

Ingredients Count 13

cooking zucchini raisin spice cake

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Baking soda

Baking powder







Brown sugar



Golden raisin

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