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zucchini pizza dough


from my e-cookbook collection, this looks yummy and interesting. the only ingredient in here that i changed was to use 3 egg whites instead of 3 whole eggs as originally called for-- since you don't need yolks to bind and all. can use any kind of flour but i think whole wheat or bread flour would add great substance and flavor. (1/3 cup ap flour + 1 teaspoon vital wheat gluten = 1/3 cup bread flour) but the only quirk with this recipe is that unlike flour doughs, you can't bake with the sauce, cheese, and toppings on or else it'll fall apart-- you have to bake this dough first.


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  1. You need about 3 1 / 2 cups zucchini-- about 3 medium size zucchinis should do it
  2. Grate it coarsely with a vegetable shredder / peeler
  3. Food chopper
  4. Mandolin
  5. Etc
  6. Place the zucchini in bowl and lightly salt then let sit for 15 minutes and
  7. Squeeze out all the water that is rendered
  8. Roll in a towel and twist
  9. Again
  10. "this is to remove all the water-- if you dont remove the water
  11. It wont bake right"
  12. Mix with the rest of ingredients in a bowl
  13. Grease a pizza stone or 10" baking dish with cooking spray
  14. Then place the dough into it
  15. Bake at 350f until the top is dry and lightly browned
  16. About 20-30 minutes
  17. To eat right away
  18. Add your favorite sauce
  19. Cheese
  20. And toppings then bake at 350 for another 15-20 minutes

Step 11

Total Time in Minute 45

Ingredients Count 7

cooking zucchini pizza dough

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Bread flour

Egg whites

Parmesan cheese

Fresh basil

Cremini mushroom

Salt and pepper

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