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zucchini pancakes with a difference


this started as a recipe from a mexican cookbook, similar to many others on recipezaar. when my daughter was learning to cook, she decided that since zucchini seldom yield the exact amount called for in recipes, it would be easier to use the zucchini on hand and substitute bisquick for the dry ingredients. she was right. one day i had some leftover corn on the cob, thought "why not?," cut if from the cob and threw it in. my son tasted one and suggested adding the jalapeno. amounts aren't critical, and you can substitute frozen or canned corn and canned chilis.


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  1. "i peel the zucchini if i buy it
  2. Not if its straight from the garden"
  3. Removed seeds and veins from jalapeno
  4. Grate both
  5. I usually use a food processor of salad shooter
  6. Put in a mixing bowl with the corn
  7. Add egg and mix well
  8. Stir in enough bisquick so that the vegetables hold together
  9. Add milk a bit at a time until pancake batter consistency
  10. Heat butter or oil or a combination in a frying pan or griddlle
  11. Drop batter in pan by tablespoonfuls and cook until lightly browned
  12. Turning once
  13. To make fritters
  14. Just omit the milk and deep fry
  15. Yield / number of servings depends on size of zucchini and appetites

Step 12

Total Time in Minute 25

Ingredients Count 8

cooking zucchini pancakes with a difference

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