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zucchini lasagna lasagne low carb


great for anyone going low carb or who has so many zucchini, they don't know what to do!! :) we found the sauce to be very mild. i think it would be better with twice as much garlic. i boiled my zucchini slices for about 3 minutes so they were partially cooked. i wanted to make sure they were soft in the finished dish or i knew the kids wouldn't eat them. ;) the cottage cheese provides a slightly tangy note. i think we would have preferred ricotta, but that is personal taste. i use my 11x7 baking dish and got 6 pieces the size of what you see in my photos. both of the guys ate two so it fed 4 of us, and i double the meat. adjust the recipe accordingly for your family.


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  1. Cook zucchini until tender
  2. Drain and set aside
  3. Fry meat and onions until meat is brown and onions are tender
  4. Drain fat
  5. Add next 8 ingredients and bring to a boil
  6. Reduce heat
  7. Simmer
  8. Uncovered 10 minutes or until reduced to 2 cups
  9. In small bowl slightly beat egg
  10. Add cottage cheese
  11. Half of shredded cheese and flour
  12. In baking-roasting pan arrange half of the meat mixture
  13. Top with half of the zucchini and all the cottage cheese mixture
  14. Top with remaining meat and zucchini
  15. Bake uncovered at 375 degrees f for 30 minutes
  16. Sprinkle with remaining cheese
  17. Bake 10 minutes longer
  18. Let stand 10 minutes before serving

Step 15

Total Time in Minute 60

Ingredients Count 15

cooking zucchini lasagna  lasagne    low carb

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Lean ground beef



Tomato paste

Garlic clove

Dried oregano

Dried basil

Dried thyme




Low fat cottage cheese

Mozzarella cheese


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