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zucchini hamburger pie


i got this recipe from and very good friend of mine. my friend made this crustless and it is very good this way also. this recipe can be prepared ahead of time.


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  1. Brown hamburger with onion and dry seasoning
  2. Line a large
  3. Deep pie pan with pastry crust
  4. Slice2 zucchini and alternate with layers of meat mixture into the pie crust
  5. Top with tomato slices
  6. If the tomatoes are not juicy and ripe
  7. Add a bit of tomato juice
  8. You may use an 8 ounce can of whole tomatoes sliced
  9. Top with pastry
  10. Cut a small hole and dust with pepper
  11. "bake in a 350f"
  12. If you are going to make this recipe crustless
  13. You can make in a square baking pan
  14. This recipe freezes superbly

Step 10

Total Time in Minute 55

Ingredients Count 11

cooking zucchini hamburger pie

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Dried breadcrumbs

Parmesan cheese

Green pepper

Fresh parsley


Garlic salt


Pastry crust

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