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bishop s brown derby with diablo sauce


this comes from a restaurant that was very popular in tulsa. it has been decades and it is said that people still request this recipe. i got this recipe out of the tulsa paper.


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  1. For the diablo sauce:
  2. In large sauce pan mix first 7 ingredients
  3. Bring to a boil
  4. In a small pan
  5. Melt margarine and gradually add flour
  6. Stirring until smooth
  7. Add gradually to sauce mixture until desired thickness is reached
  8. It is best to taste the seasonings as you mix the ingredients so that the sauce is to your desired taste
  9. You may find that you want to increase or decrease certain ingredients to suit your taste
  10. For the brown derby:
  11. Lightly mix all ingredients and shape into 8 patties
  12. Broil on a grill to your liking
  13. Place on plates and cover with diablo sauce
  14. This can be served with practically anything on the side
  15. French fries
  16. Fried potatoes etc

Step 13

Total Time in Minute 65

Ingredients Count 16

cooking bishop s brown derby with diablo sauce

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Ground beef


English mustard powder

Liquid smoke


Prepared mustard


Worcestershire sauce

Chicken stock


Chili sauce

A.1. original sauce

Salt and pepper



Sweet pickle relish

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