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toasted spice rub michael chiarello


this spice mix from michael chiarello and napastyle goes well in many different dishes. it and his fennel spice are mixes well-worth keeping a steady supply of!


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  1. Read this recipe all the way through before beginning
  2. Get your spices and equipment ready
  3. In a small
  4. Heavy skillet over medium heat
  5. Toast the fennel
  6. Coriander
  7. And peppercorns
  8. Watch carefully
  9. Because when the fennel turns a light brown youre going to work quickly: turn on the hood exhaust fan on your stove
  10. Then add the red pepper flakes and stir well for 30 seconds
  11. Turn the mixture onto a plate to cool
  12. When cool
  13. Place mixture in a blender together with the chili powder
  14. Salt
  15. And cinnamon
  16. Blend until all are evenly ground
  17. Transfer the spice rub into a glass jar and store in a cool
  18. Dry place
  19. You can also freeze the mixture
  20. On chicken: sear a chicken in a little olive oil
  21. Let cool
  22. Pat the rub generously over the bird
  23. Then roast it
  24. Use as dry rub or dry marinade: rub into meat or poultry
  25. Refrigerate 4 hours
  26. Bring to room temperature
  27. Then roast
  28. Pan-sear
  29. Or grill
  30. Finishing rub: blend with just enough olive oil to make a paste
  31. Then use as a marinade or to finish grilled steaks and seafood
  32. Other uses: toss with vegetables before pan-roasting
  33. Or add to soups and stews

Step 12

Total Time in Minute 8

Ingredients Count 7

cooking toasted spice rub   michael chiarello

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Fennel seed

Coriander seed

Black peppercorns

Red pepper flakes

Chili powder

Kosher salt

Ground cinnamon

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