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swedish pheasant or chicken in gjetost cream sauce


this is from "best of scandinavian cooking".. cjetost is a creamy, tan, swedish cheese that has a rich, caramelly taste. it is really good just eaten with slices of raw apple too. i haven't made this yet.


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  1. Sprinkle poultry with salt and pepper to taste
  2. In a heavy frying pan
  3. Quickly brown poultry on all sides in melted butter
  4. Reduce heat to low
  5. Pour cream over it
  6. Cover and cook over low heat about 1 hour or until very tender
  7. Turn pieces and stir cream in bottom of pan occasionally
  8. Remove bird to hot serving platter
  9. Mix flour to a paste with a little of the milk
  10. Stir in some of the simmering liquid from the frying pan
  11. Cook and stir over low heat to blend
  12. Gradually add milk
  13. Stirring to make a smooth sauce
  14. Just before serving
  15. Stir in cheese
  16. Heat just until cheese is melted and blended
  17. Taste sauce and correct seasoning if necessary
  18. Stir in a few drops of vinegar if desired
  19. Turn sauce into gravy boat
  20. Pass it to put over the poultry

Step 17

Total Time in Minute 90

Ingredients Count 8

cooking swedish pheasant  or chicken  in gjetost cream sauce

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Salt and pepper


Heavy cream



Gjetost cheese


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