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swedish grilled kebabs


the linneas of texas, swedish recipes. gathered from the internet 1998. choose any quick cooking veggies your family will enjoy in this recipe. we like to use cherry or grape tomatoes, chunks of red or green bell pepper, quartered red or sweet onion, mushrooms, slices of yellow or zucchini squash and lemon slices.


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  1. Skin the chicken and cut off all visible fat
  2. Cut each breast into 6-8 pieces
  3. Season w salt& pepper
  4. Mix ingredients for marinade
  5. Add chicken and marinate several hours or over night
  6. Arrange chicken on skewers
  7. Alternating with veggies of your choice
  8. Cherry tomatoes
  9. Quartered red onions
  10. Thick slices of lemon
  11. Large pieces of green pepper
  12. Mushrooms or summer squash may be used
  13. Broil on charcoal fire 4 minutes on each side
  14. Garnish w bay leaves
  15. Marinade can be boiled down and spooned over chicken when done

Step 9

Total Time in Minute 732

Ingredients Count 8

cooking swedish grilled kebabs

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Boneless chicken breasts


Fresh coarse ground black pepper


Lemon juice

Olive oil

Bay leaf


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