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swedish brown beans


i belong to a food buying club served by ozark co-operative warehouse. they often run specials on unusual (to americans) cheeses, rices, beans, etc. recently i bought a #5 sack of swedish brown beans, but when a searched recipezaar -- nothing! however i did find this recipe on soar: the searchable online archive of recipes and tried it that night. it made a delicious creamy dish - a little sweeter than most main-dish bean recipes, but very delicious. you can cut down on prep time by bringing the beans to a boil for 10 minutes, then covering. remove from heat and let sit for an hour. this takes the place of soaking overnight. make sure your beans are tender before you add salt. (salt tends to toughen the beans.) serve with a hearty bread.


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  • Carbohydrates: 265.4
  • Fats: 5.0
  • Dietary Fiber: 40.0
  • Minerals: 19.0
  • Proteins: 22.0
  • Vitamins: 9.0
  • Water: 16.0


  1. Pick over and rinse the beans
  2. Add the water and soak the beans at least 12 hours
  3. Bring the beans and soaking water to a boil
  4. Cover the pan and simmer for 1 1 / 2 hours
  5. Add the salt
  6. Vinegar
  7. Syrup
  8. Brown sugar
  9. Butter and cinnamon stick
  10. Stir to mix
  11. Simmer
  12. Uncovered
  13. For 1 hour
  14. Or until the beans are tender
  15. The liquid should be as thick as a sauce at the end of the cooking period
  16. If the liquid is not thickened
  17. Turn up the heat for 10 minutes
  18. Or until the liquid is reduced
  19. Remove the cinnamon stick
  20. Serve hot

Step 11

Total Time in Minute 185

Ingredients Count 8

cooking swedish brown beans

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Brown beans


White distilled vinegar

Corn syrup

Brown sugar


Cinnamon stick


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