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suya meat on stick


this recipe is from "my cooking" west african cookbook by dokpe lillian ogunsanya. it's posted for the zaar world tour event 2008.


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  1. Cut meat into thin flat slices about 1 / 2 inch thick
  2. Mix the ground peanut
  3. Ginger
  4. Pepper
  5. Cloves and bouillon in a small bowl
  6. Thread meat on 4 large wide skewers
  7. Coat meat with mixture and brush with oil
  8. Grill until meat is brown on both sides and cooked to desired degree

Step 5

Total Time in Minute 17

Ingredients Count 7

cooking suya  meat on stick

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Lean beef

Natural-style peanut butter

Vegetable oil

Ginger powder

Red cayenne pepper

Ground cloves

Bouillon cubes

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