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sushi rice with mayo


a very modern way to make sushi rice without the hassle of rolling each one. this gets made in a rice cooker, then spread in a pan. layered with all the goodies, shrimp, mayonaisse and nori. yummy.


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  1. We use a rice cooker - sorry
  2. Have never made rice on the stove --
  3. Make sure to clean out rice before cooking
  4. Water does not need to be clear
  5. When rice is done cooking
  6. Let stand for another 15-30 minutes so rice gets really fluffy
  7. Rice should be a little cooled before spreading out on the pan
  8. In a pan
  9. Spread the rice out evenly
  10. Sprinkle some dried shrimp on top the rice then layer the mayonaisse on the top of that
  11. Sprinkle nori all over the mayo
  12. And add more dried shrimp for color
  13. Very pretty and delicious
  14. Sometimes we leave sheets of nori on the side of the rice so they can make their own sushi wraps

Step 9

Total Time in Minute 25

Ingredients Count 6

cooking sushi rice with mayo

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Short-grain rice



Green nori seaweed flakes

Dried shrimp


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