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cooking sushi

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Cooked sushi rice

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apple mint salsa

refreshing, tangy, sweet and no-fat all in one! i love this recipe; it's wonderful on plain baked or grilled chicken or fish, and perfect with cheese quesadillas. i'm guessing that it would be a different and delicious accompaniment to lamb, also. plus, i apple   mint salsa

apple cinnamon quinoa cereal

love oatmeal, but not gluten? this has the warmth and nostalgia of apple cinnamon oatmeal and is a wonderful way to prepare this nutritious “grain”. a yummy, nutritious way to start the day, and even the kids will love it! apple cinnamon quinoa   cereal

apple crisp crumble for passover and all year

i can never find good recipes for passover that taste like all year round- that is until i tried this. apple crisp crumble for passover and all year

applesauce pie

this is dd's favorite pie. the topping makes this pie wonderful. if you are looking for that different dessert to take to potluck, picnics for family gatherings give this a try. applesauce pie

baked trout fillets with bread stuffing

this is a whopping good dinner! serve up with fresh cooked veggies and a nice salad! this came from an olive oil cooking site. baked trout fillets with bread stuffing

balsamic glazed tuna steaks

my brother is a deep-sea fisherman, whenever he gets the chance and brings home hundreds of pounds of tuna! this is our absolute favorite way to fix this delicacy! i make the sauce way ahead of fishing season and store in the freezer. even the kids give i balsamic glazed tuna steaks

banana blueberry pistachio nut bread

i put this togeter yesterday and last night my husband went crazy - he said it was the best he has ever had. he never has said that so it must be pretty good. banana blueberry pistachio nut bread

basic flaxseed bread flax seed bread

from fleischmann’s yeast “bake for the cure” recipes. what i like about this recipe is that it can be made into a french bread-like loaf. should you want to use regular active dry yeast, proof first and adjust rise times. (note: i found with the fast basic flaxseed bread  flax seed bread

batter for fried pork

i made this one halloween night many years ago attempting to make sweet and sour pork. my mom kept eating the fried pork before i could make the sauce. "do you have to put that sauce on?" she asked me. well she ate it with the sauce but for future we just batter for fried pork

bavarian potato leek soup

i found this on a copy-cat site and its the best i've found so far. i use a potato masher right before serving to make it creamier but with some chunks of potato. you could also use an immersion/stick blender if you like it really smooth. (i also like it bavarian potato leek soup

bear roast

i like to serve with mash potatoes and your favorite vegetables. bear roast

beautiful petit fours paula deen

elegant little cakes with a hard glaze frosting. - paula deen beautiful petit fours   paula deen


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