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cooking sushi

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Fresh tuna

Cooked sushi rice

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adelaide s hermits

a friend of mine worked at a bakery nearby and they were famous for their hermits. when it closed she gave me this recipe. it never fails. adelaide s hermits

apple pound cake

a really good recipe that a very good friend of mine passed on to me.....um......i love apples apple pound cake

beef and portabella stew

this stew makes a great pot pie also. if stew is made ahead of time, and rerigerated, increase baking time by 10 - 15 minutes. beef and portabella stew

beef bourguignonne

source: barefoot contessa beef bourguignonne

beef diane

a tasty casserole using a cheap cut of meat. beef diane

beef ribs a beautiful barbecue

the aroma wafting through your neighborhood of barbecuing beef ribs, will be inviting enough to entice drivers to pull over to the curb. they will look for the "new barbecue-shack" in town. they may knock on your door when they have tracked you down. serv beef ribs   a beautiful barbecue

big fat oatmeal raisin cookies

these are chunky yet crunchy oatmeal raisin cookies with a wonderful natural sweetness and a hint of cinnamon. i like these a lot and hope so will you! feel free to add some chopped nuts of your choice if you like (but make sure to add some more liquid t big fat oatmeal raisin cookies

black peppercorn romano cheese biscotti

these are a slightly spicy savory biscotti. these are attractive and delicious when served with a clear broth or an italian wedding soup. also nice to serve with breakfast next too poached eggs. black peppercorn   romano cheese biscotti

cabbage rolls

it's the sauce that sets this recipe apart from all others. it is very different than the usual tomato sauces used. cabbage rolls

caramel butterscotch latte

yet another flavoured coffee, these have clearly become an addiction for me, recipe from davinci. i use butterscotch chips in place of butterscotch syrup as i can't get it here in oz. caramel butterscotch latte

carnival lemonade

taste just like the lemonade you get at the carnival! carnival lemonade

cheesy spuds dauphinoise

sound pretty french, huh? well, they're not. but it sounded better than cheesy spuds dauphinoise

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